All our administrators and moderators are dedicated to keeping our server exciting and fun. Below is a small description about each member.


WizardCM | Wizard | Matt
I’m the main administrator, the host, and the owner of the server. I’ve been playing this game since very early Alpha, and know my way around most game features. I am known to dislike parkour and play a lot of Survival.

samfty | Sam
I’m the previous host, but I’m in charge of backups now. If you need a world restored, and it’s not there, I’m the one to yell at.

Mu5tank05 | Nathan
I was one of the original mods on the server,
I play mostly Survival and yet still manage to die daily,
I’m the one to yell at if Walter acts stupidly and steps out of line.


MattyDuck65 | Nevree | Matt
I’m a big gamer, so i’m not on every day – But I will help when needed.

wackojacko10101 | Wackojacko | Jackson
I am a friend of Penguin, with internet that is run from a tractor.


jkcclemens | Kyle
I develop the Royal suite of plugins, including RoyalCommands and RoyalChat.

modwizcode | Modwiz
I am the main developer for WMA-specific plugins, including the lobby portal and broadcast plugins.