Server Rules, Guidelines & Expectations

Rules & Guidelines

Note: These rules are differently written than the book you recieve in-game. The rules in that book are simplified so they fit within such a poor medium. The rules you see below are as accurate as we can make them.

General Gameplay

  1. Respect both staff and other players.
  2. Griefing and stealing are strictly disallowed.
  3. PvP (player vs player battle) is not allowed at the current time. This includes setting players on fire or breaking blocks below them.
  4. If you are silly enough to join a player’s town, that is no excuse to ignore protecting your own home. If someone griefs you within a town, that is solely for you to discuss with the town owner. However, keep in mind, that the Server Owner’s rules always overrule that of a player, even if that player owns a town you live in. Personally, we are against towns, but we’re not stopping players from creating or joining them.
  5. Hacks, game modifications (mods), or texture packs that provide advantages are never allowed.
  6. Staff positions (for us, op = admin) are not given out freely. Asking (or spamming) staff to give you such a rank will earn either a mute or a ban – sometimes permanent.
  7. Dirty or offensive skins are not allowed
  8. Players under 13 are able to be kicked or banned at our discretion. In other words, if you’re under 13, we are allowed to kick/ban you even if you don’t agree with the reasoning behind it.
  9. Players are not allowed to order staff (or, any other players) around. The people who run this server do so by following their own rules and keeping the server clean and fair – not to your individual benefit


  1. Advertising of other Minecraft servers (or similar) is prohibited. You’re playing on WMA, not somewhere else.
  2. Spamming is not tolerated. This could mean a number of things; don’t repeat yourself, don’t repeatedly ask for things, don’t send multiple /trade or /tpr requests, when correcting yourself only correct one word instead of repeating the entire sentence, etc.
  3. We do not condone (allow) swearing. Due to majority of our players being underage, we would rather not expose them to vulgarity. That said, some basic words are ok. This includes, but may not be limited to, ‘crap’ and ‘shit’. However, such usage should be limited – use it once, on occasion, if you must. But don’t make a habit of it.
  4. Anything not allowed in regular chat is also not allowed in private messaging (also known as /msg, /tell or /whisper).
  5. Due to excessive misuse (overuse), any usage of the word ‘budder’ is now a 1 hour ban. Incorrect usage of the word ‘butter’ will be a 30 minute ban. Furthermore, attempting to circumvent or make fun of this rule will be a 2 hour ban. This rule cannot be disputed, and has only been created due to player misuse, not because we ‘want’ such a rule.
  6. You are not allowed to use MineChat. Not only could you get killed and not be able to retrieve your stuff, it also wastes server resources. We have a Discord server if you’d like to chat when you’re not playing.


  1. We do not condone/allow account sharing – keep your account safe and secure, don’t allow others to use it
  2. As we say, we ban the account not the player – if a friend used your account and got banned, it’s your fault for not keeping it secure
  3. If you ask for a friend’s account to be unbanned – we are allowed to ban you. We only ban people when we have valid reason to, and if you disagree with a ban of ours then clearly you don’t understand our rules


  • If you notice a glitch that affects gameplay (or that causes cheating) then notify a staff member (either in chat or on the forums) as soon as possible.
  • If you cause accidental grief to another player, apologise and fix the issue immediately. If you cannot fix it yourself, contact an admin.
  • All players are expected to check back on this webpage for changes. Failure to do so could result in a ban you did not expect, and no sympathy.
  • When making your website/forum account, you must use the same username as your Minecraft name. You can then change your display name on your profile.


  • To help players where necessary
  • To deal with griefing, fights, etc
  • To help check that a region is properly protected (usually done with a feather)
  • Must follow all Survival rules in Survival, unless specified below
  • Survival: May only fly if helping look into/fix a grief, or helping protect an area
  • Survival: May use the compass jump ONLY if the Compass has been crafted by yourself
  • Survival: May not use WorldEdit under ANY circumstances
  • Survival: May not spawn/cheat items unless to clean up griefing
  • Banning: A player may only be banned with sufficient proof
  • Banning: We ban the account, not the player
  • To always remain calm/collected when helping a player
  • Always remain professional, especially on the Forums
  • Come on Discord when you get the chance, or are asked to by a fellow staff member

Other Rules

Discord (Text and Voice Chat)
  • When joining, you should use a nickname that closely resembles your in-game name.
  • Impersonating another player by name will result in you getting an ingame ban
  • If you are banned ingame, you are welcome to try and appeal the ban within Discord – tag @WizardCM#1337 in the #general channel
  • If you require someone’s attention, do not spam their name or private messages. Call for them once and wait for them to respond
  • Using all-caps is considered spam and will not be tolerated.
  • Ingame rules still apply here. No swearing, abuse or spamming
  • If you use a microphone built into a webcam or a laptop, be sure to turn on push to talk; we don’t want to hear you typing