The most important fact about the ranks on The Worldwide Minecraft Alliance is that we aim for fair and balanced gameplay. Everyone plays the same way, no cheating, or using your position as an advantage. To extend this, staff positions cannot be bought – our team is made up of professional, approachable people who are here to keep everything positive and safe.


These are the players in charge. They have full control over the server, but they also follow the rules (as all players should).


These are the players with the ability to moderate the server and its players. Their primary role includes kicking and banning rule-breakers, cleaning up griefed land, and keeping gameplay fair and fun.


These are players who have contributed to the functionalities of the server. In other words, they have made a plugin that either enhances gameplay or provides the basics.


Previously known as Donators, these are players who have contributed to keeping the server up and running by paying money. Most importantly though, they don’t receive anything that drastically modifies gameplay. As thanks, they are given a chat prefix, the ability to change their names once a month, and to use WorldEdit in Creative plots they own (but nowhere else), and a couple other small abilities.


Most likely, this is your current rank. It’s unlikely you will go up to a different rank. It is important to remember not to ask for other ranks. You’re able to do everything needed to happily play on the server – you can switch worlds at your own free will, you can invite friends to SkyBlock islands, you can protect your creations in both Survival and SkyGrid, and you can even send teleportation requests to others.


Players with this rank have recently been demoted, banned, and have returned after their ban is complete. They have to re-do the introductory quiz/puzzle to remind them about the rules.


Players only have this rank the first time they connect. It simply shows that they know literally nothing about the server. Once they’ve read the rules, they are pushed up to the Player rank.