Survival is the “default” game style available in Minecraft. For Survival, we feel that a Vanilla experience is the best experience, so we only provide minimal features to protect yourself and your items, as well as an easy-to-use home and warp system.


Majority of Survival is the way you’d expect. You collect resources, slay mobs, build a house, collect more resources. However, as long as you correctly protect your area, you won’t have to worry about griefers, hackers and rule-breakers, as we provide very customizable region, animal and chest protection.


/sethome [homename] Set a home to easily reach. You can set multiple
/home [homename] Teleport to your previously set home
/homes List your previously created homes
/delhome [homename] Delete a previously set home
/spawn Teleport to the Survival spawn building
/back [#] Teleport to your most recent position (useful after dying)
/backs List of 5 previous locations you can go to with /back
/tpr Send a teleport request to another player to teleport to them
/tprh Send a teleport request to another player to teleport to you
/tpac Accept a teleport request from another player
/tpdeny Deny a teleport request from another player
/trade [player] Open a “shared chest” between yourself and another player
/msg [player] [msg] Send a private message to a player
/r [message] Reply quickly to a private message sent to you
/setwarp [name] Set a private named warp at your current location
/warp [name] Teleport to a warp
/warplist List warps you own or have access to
/delwarp [name] Delete a warp you own
/warpinfo [name] Find out details about a warp you have access to
/w4chg [name] public Change a warp from private to public

Relevant Rules

The global rules found on the Rules page
You may not kill, steal from, or stalk other players.
If someone asks you to stop doing something in their area, stop doing it
Creeper bombing and setting traps are both against the rules

Important Tips

Make sure your area and chests are protected using the video below
Try not to build too close to other players – you have infinite space
If you get griefed, contact a staff member – but this really shouldn’t happen if you have correctly protected your area and containers

Video: Protecting your area

Photo: Survival Spawn