Creative is the original game style that was provided back in Minecraft Classic. It allows you to build without having to worry about resource counts or getting attacked by mob.


Firstly, begin by grabbing yourself a plot using the command listed below. These plots are 100×100, and the ground is fairly high up, so you should have enough space above and below to build whatever you like. Within this area, you can build anything you like, from small redstone contraptions to giant towers and crazy statues, all by using the infinite Creative inventory.


/plot new Automatically gives you a plot on the map
/plot list Lists the plots you own. Useful if you’ve forgotten your plot’s ID
/plot tp [id] Teleport yourself to a plot with that ID.
/plot friend [name] [id] Add a friend to a plot so they can build.
/plot unfriend [name] [id] Remove a friend’s building ability on your plot.
/sethome [homename] Set a home to easily reach. You can set multiple.
/home [homename] Teleport to your previously set home
/homes List your previously created homes
/delhome [homename] Delete a previously set home
/spawn Teleport to the Survival spawn building
/back [#] Teleport to your most recent position (useful after dying)
/backs List of 5 previous locations you can go to with /back
/tpr Send a teleport request to another player to teleport to them
/tprh Send a teleport request to another player to teleport to you
/tpac Accept a teleport request from another player
/tpdeny Deny a teleport request from another player
/msg [player] [msg] Send a private message to a player
/r [message] Reply quickly to a private message sent to you
/setwarp [name] Set a private named warp at your current location
/warp [name] Teleport to a warp
/warplist List warps you own or have access to
/delwarp [name] Delete a warp you own
/warpinfo [name] Find out details about a warp you have access to
/w4chg [name] public Change a warp from private to public

Relevant Rules

The global rules found on the Rules page
If someone wants to build alone, stay away from their area
If someone asks you to stop doing something in their area, stop doing it

Photo: Creative Spawn