Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why isn’t the server cracked/offline?

There are many Minecraft servers, and a number of them are cracked/offline mode. Sure, it would mean more people could play, but below is a list of reasons why this one isn’t.

  • The whole /login and /register deal – it’s annoying to remember a second password
  • A cracked server is illegal, and we don’t condone piracy – it would also mean we wouldn’t get any support from Bukkit if we had issues
  • It’s extremely hard to moderate – this includes banning, especially when it comes to people with dynamic IP addresses or with family members/friends who also play from the same location
  • Sharing accounts – makes it even harder to moderate who can play, how and when

2. Is the server lagging, or is it just me?

In Minecraft, there are three types of lag.

Client Lag

When this happens, the most obvious signs are glitchy movement and a low framerate. This kind of lag is limited to your computer, and can be caused by a number of things.

Firstly, the computer you’re using is trying to do too many things at once, and you should close some programs (other than Minecraft) or actually restart Minecraft.

Secondly, the computer you’re using is bad. Usually there’s little you can do about this, short of replacing it, but try closing programs you don’t need and lowering some game settings, like the render distance and quality. If this still doesn’t improve your gameplay, many people suggest installing the Optifine mod and lowering more detailed settings.

Troubleshooting Client Lag
  • Press F3. On the top left you should see the version number, and next to that __ fps. That is your framerate. Anything below 30 is usually stuttery. With a good enough computer, it should be above 100.
  • Press F3. On the top right you can see the amount of allocated memory. By default Minecraft has around 950MB. If your computer is powerful enough, we recommend using a custom launcher like MultiMC and changing it to something higher.

Connection Lag (latency)

This is where everything you do is slightly delayed. In severe circumstances, you messages may not show up when you send them. In this case, we usually can’t do anything about it and it’s up to you to clean up.

Troubleshooting Connection Lag (latency)
  • ┬áThe first and easiest way to test this is by using /ping ingame. This will show Minecraft’s representation of your latency. Anything below 200ms is normal for Australians, and anything between 300-800ms is normal for people outside Australia. If you’re getting something different, you have a connection issue. These can either be either temporary or┬ápermanent.
  • Ingame /ping can be inaccurate, so we also recommend trying ping in Command Prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd). This will give you an accurate reading. Anything below 50ms is normal for Australians.
  • If both tests above show a ping higher than normal, then your connection is bad and you should look into the issue more. The best way is by typing tracert (Windows CMD) or traceroute (MacOS/Linux Terminal). This will show every router your connection bounces to before reaching us, and how long each takes to respond. The first is your modem at home, and in most cases the second is your local exchange (controlled by your Internet Service Provider) (however, the second may be a second router in your home, local addresses look like or Depending on where the ping goes up significantly, you can look into different issues. If your ping is high from the first router (your own), then your router/modem is the issue (or your connection to it) and you should look into getting it replaced. If it’s the second or third, it’s usually your ISP, and you should contact them and ask them to fix it. If it’s further down the track, there is little anyone can do about it, however in that case it’s usually a temporary issue and will get fixed automatically.

Server Lag

This is usually very obvious. Messages will come through instantly, however commands won’t work (or will be delayed), breaking blocks won’t drop items, and placing blocks won’t make a sound. With this type of lag, it’s usually limited to a few seconds and there’s nothing we can do about it. If it doesn’t fix itself after 20-30 seconds, it usually means the server has crashed and needs to be restarted.

Troubleshooting Server Lag
  • The best command for this is /lagmem ingame. At the bottom of the list, it’ll show the server’s tick speed (TPS) which should always remain at 20 (anything lower and the server is most likely a little laggy, but this issue usually fixes itself).

3. What is your goal by running this server?

  • A lag-free Australian-hosted server
  • Balanced and fair gameplay (especially in Survival), regardless of rank
  • A platform for a community to grow (including IRC, TeamSpeak, and forums)
  • The information players need to properly use what we provide (in other words, a website with all you need to know to play)
  • A voice for the players – the ability to provide suggestions, recommendations, ideas, and bug reports to keep the server active
  • 4. Why do you run this server?

  • Those of us who run the server have done so before, enjoy being able to add/remove features as we go, and enjoy the lessons to be learned administering such a server
  • From what we’ve seen, such servers in Australia are either very hard to come by, or non-existent
  • Quite simply, we enjoy playing Minecraft – especially with the amount of stuff possible in such a game